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We always follow current portrait retouching quality standards to deliver images of top quality. Our retouchers edit photos without losing quality.

We Provide Best Outsource Jewelry Retouching Services:

Metal Smoothing

Jewels look entirely different when the metal shines the finest. We will make it happen with our metal smoothing jewelry retouching service. Our team of editors will smooth out your jewel’s metal without ruining any of the looks. Our expert hands are precise, and they will make sure to smooth the metals evenly as possible.

Metal Smoothing Before Metal Smoothing After

Dust and Reflection Removal

When jewels look as neat as possible, they attract more customers. We can make your jewelry look perfect, clean, and tidy with our professional dust and reflection removal services. We will go deep into your jewelry photo to eliminate dust particles and reflect, making your jewelry photos look professional and attractive.

Dust Reflection Removal Before Dust Reflection Removal After

Background Editing and Mannequin Removal

Want to display your jewelry without any distracting mannequin and background? We are here for you with our background removal editing service. We will entirely remove your jewelry’s background and mannequin, leaving no trace behind. We are precise and use the most recent photoshop tools for this job. All you have to do is send your jewelry photos and tell us If you want your background or mannequin to remove.

Background Editing Mannequin Removal Before Background Editing Mannequin Removal After

Color Correction & Recoloring

Color correction is an important part of our outsource jewelry retouching services. If you want to recolor or color correct your jewelry photos, there is no better place than Retouch Pilot. We offer 24 hours delivery which is the fastest delivery at the most modest price. We will color correct each of your jewels individually and recolor them if you want. Our jewelry photo editing services can make your jewelry as realistic as possible.

Color Correction Recoloring Before Color Correction Recoloring After

Shine Enhancement

Shining jewels tend to attract customers who make purchases. Let us handle your gemstones and jewelry with our professional jewelry retouching services. We will enhance and fix the shine of your jewelry, making them look high-grade. We are able to edit any jewelry photo. So, let us provide you best jewellery editing.

Shine Enhancement Before Shine Enhancement After

Drop Shadow Or Mirror Effect

Shadow and reflections add realism to a photo. A slight hint of shadows or reflection can make your jewels look more appealing and fashionable. Our expert photo editors have been working with these types of edits for years. Consider ordering from us to get the most reasonable rate at shadow and reflection adding service.

Drop Shadow And Mirror Effect Before Drop Shadow And Mirror Effect After

Professional Jewelry Retouching Service Pricing

Pro Level

$ 5 USD/per image
  • Services Applied:
  • Clipping path and background removal for simple objects
  • Fixing contrast & sharpness
  • Elimination of minor product defects (scratches, dents, etc)
  • Natural shadow adding
  • Picture resizing
  • Basic clipping path
  • Gaps repairing
  • Poor contrasts adjustment
  • Light & color corrections

High End Level

$ 8 USD/per image
  • Services Applied:
  • Pro level editions
  • Clipping path and background removal for complex objects
  • Gems editing or replacing
  • Blinks/ reflections correction
  • Color changing
  • Drop shadow and mirror effect
  • Blemishes removal
  • Highlights & shades improvement
  • Ring mounts redraw
  • Metal smoothing
  • Gemstone & Precious metal Color Improvement
  • Dust / Poor Reflection removal
  • Image details improvement
  • Unwanted elements removal
  • Jewel Stones Brightening

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $200.00 US per 1 order.

30 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1200.00 US per 1 order.

Jewelry Editing – Removing Unwanted Elements- from $6 per photo

Jewelry Editing Removing Unwanted Elements Before Jewelry Editing Removing Unwanted Elements After

A excellent jewelry shot contains few items along the route that may divert viewers’ attention away from the jewelry shown in the snapshot. The instructions for creating a well composed shot must always be followed, but there is always the potential that something will go wrong, resulting in a sloppy jewelry photograph. Retouch Pilot retouching experts are ready to assist you and draw viewers’ attention to the jewels. In Adobe Photoshop, we utilize a variety of techniques to clean up the backgrounds of jewelry photos. After we’ve deleted a specific object, we alter the coloring of the vacant space so that everything looks right. Smudges and scratches that greatly degrade the quality of a jewelry shot must sometimes be removed. This is a difficult task, but the retouchers we’re working with are really qualified.

Pro Level – US $6 (per photo)

Our Jewelry Jewelry Editing – Removing Unwanted Elements Services Provide:

  • Background and objects removal
  • Gems editing
  • Adding natural shadows
  • Light and color correction
  • Gemstone color improvement
  • Necklaces position

Benifit of This Service:

When it comes to jewelry, there are often small details that can be enhanced or removed to create a more polished look. For example, a tiny diamond might be placed in the center of a necklace to add sparkle, or a clasp might be added to keep earrings from falling off. However, sometimes there are elements of jewelry that are not desired, such as an unwanted stone or engraving. Editing services can be helpful in removing these unwanted elements. A professional editor will know how to remove stones and other elements without damaging the piece of jewelry. They will also know how to fix any engravings that may have been botched during the manufacturing process.

Jewelry Retouching – Adding shine - from $6 per photo

Jewelry Retouching Adding Shine Before Jewelry Retouching Adding Shine After

Jewelry stones can provide a unique sparkle or resemble a burst of multicolored lights, but they must do so under specific lighting circumstances. Typically, you will need to conduct viral photo retouching and color modification to achieve that gleam. We begin by examining the most obvious flaws, then move on to the numerous flaws that are likely to be discovered throughout the first few of hours. This is detailed process that takes time, but the flawless appearance of after-sale jewelry products merits the effort. If you wish to manually modify parts of your jewelry images or defer our attention, please contact our specialists. Our expert retouching can capture the attention of your intended audience.

Pro Level – US $6 (per photo)

Our Jewelry Retouching – Adding shine Services Provide:

  • Background removal
  • Light & color correction
  • Gems editing
  • Adding shine to gemstones
  • Precious metal color improvement

Benifit of This Service:

Jewelry retouching is a professional editing service that can benefit your jewelry in a number of ways. By removing blemishes and enhancing the appearance of your jewelry, it can help to make your pieces look their best. This service can be especially helpful for those who want to sell their jewelry online or in person. A professional editor can help to remove any unwanted blemishes from your jewelry, making it look its best for potential buyers. In addition, they can also enhance the overall appearance of the piece by improving the color and shine. This can be a great way to make your jewelry stand out from the competition and attract more buyers.

Jewelry Photo Retouching – Blemishes and Spots Removal - from $8 per photo

Jewelry Photo Retouching Before Jewelry Photo Retouching After

No matter how thoroughly you clean your jewelry before a professional picture shoot, stains and fingerprints will remain apparent after retouching. Retouch Pilot, a professional photo editor, can effortlessly remove distracting splotches from your photographs for printing purposes. We start with the most obvious flaws and work our way down to the smallest details. These are time-consuming operations, but the beauty of jewelry are well worth the effort. We fix the most visible flaws first, then analyze those that may be considered unnoticeable. This is a time-consuming and delicate operation, but the flawless appearance of the jewelry is well worth it.

High End Level – US $8 (per photo)

Our Jewelry Retouching: Blemishes and Spots Removal Services Provide:

  • Background removal
  • Light & color correction
  • Gems editing
  • Adding shine to gemstones
  • Precious metal color improvement

Benifit of This Service:

Jewelry Retouching editing services is a great way to improve the appearance of your jewelry. The service can remove scratches, blemishes, and other imperfections from your jewelry. It can also improve the color and shine of your jewelry. This can make your jewelry look like new again. The service is quick and easy to use. You can simply send in your jewelry and receive it back looking like new. The service is affordable and convenient.

Jewelry Retouching: Shadows, Dust, and Reflections - $6 per photo

Jewelry Retouching Shadows Dustand Reflections Before Jewelry Retouching Shadows Dustand Reflections After

Shadows can highlight all useful and obvious aspects in jewelry photo retouching without shadows. It is critical to conceal any discernible characteristics in each image so that the shadows appear to be coming from the jewels. Retouch Pilot retouchers take great care in ensuring that lighting conditions are stable. We can transform two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional forms by adding shadows. This is also a fantastic technique to enhance the appearance of rings, necklaces, and other accessories. Dust and reflections are two other factors that influence the visual look of jewelry images. Our polishing specialists remove dust and reflections from mirror surfaces. If a digital camera captures small blemishes, we can remove them with photo touch-up software.

Pro Level – US $6 (per photo)

Our Jewelry Retouching: Shadows, Dust, and Reflections Services Provide:

  • Dust/poor reflection removal
  • Clipping path & background removal
  • Brightening
  • Color changing
  • Adding natural shadows
  • Metal Shine

Benifit of This Service:

Jewelry editing can be a tedious task, but the benefits are worth it. Shadows, dust and reflections can be edited to make the jewelry look its best. Professional editing services know how to make the jewelry shine. They can also remove any blemishes or scratches on the piece. The final product will look polished and beautiful.

Creative jewelry editing - from $12 per photo

Creative Jewelry Editing Before Creative Jewelry Editing After

Jewelry photography is an art form in its own right. When done properly, it can capture the beauty and essence of a piece in such a way that the observer feels as if they can touch and own it. When done incorrectly, though, it can make the jewelry appear cheap and unpleasant. In this article, we will discuss some of our editing techniques that will make your jewelry images stand out from the crowd. Editing jewelry images is an art form. It takes a keen eye and a delicate touch to make sure the final product looks its best. Our editing team can manipulate your jewelry images to the finest without damaging the quality. Whether you need to brighten up a lackluster piece or make it look more expensive than it is, we can do it all. With our years of experience, you can trust us to get the job done right.

High End Level – US $12 (per photo)

Our Creative Jewelry Editing Services Provide:

  • Background removal
  • Light & color correction
  • Gems editing
  • Adding shine to gemstones
  • Precious metal color improvement
  • Special Effects
  • Dramatic Real Effects

Benifit of This Service:

Jewelry editing is a professional service that has many benefits. Creative jewelry editing can help you to improve the overall appearance of your jewelry. It can also help to make sure that your jewelry looks its best for online sales or photo shoots. Professional jewelry editing can even help to fix minor mistakes in your jewelry design. By using a professional editing service, you can be sure that your jewelry will look its best.

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