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Ghost Mannequin Effects Services We Provide:

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services: Starts From - $1.99 per image

It’s super appealing if customers can imagine themselves in the outfit they are about to purchase. A ghost mannequin does just that! It doesn’t require a picture-perfect model to wear it. Nevertheless, it has a simple, eye-catching look. With care to the depth and size of your garment, we will give it a true-to-life look in its finest condition.

Ghost Mannequin Before Ghost Mannequin After 1

Neck Joint Service : Starts From - $1.99 per image

When a mannequin is removed from a dress, the back of the neckline is left bare. An effect is achieved by creating a broad neckline shape that connects back and forth between neckline sections. Some of the on-demand outfits we make neck joint effects on are shirts, tees, jackets, sweaters, and blazers. This allows the buyer to focus on the clothing and not other things such as a mannequin.

Neck Joint Service Before Neck Joint Service After

Bottom Joint Service: Starts From - $1.99 per image

The bottom joint ghost mannequin service is kinda similar to the neck joint ghost mannequin service. In the same way that we join the neck and shoulders, we also join the bottom of a dress, regardless of its length. A dress’s rear portion may be longer than its front portion. They are well-versed in experimenting and assembling the dresses’ bottoms.

Bottom Joint Service Before Bottom Joint Servic After

Sleeves Joint Service : Starts From - $2.99 per image

Just like the previous two services, the sleeve joint ghost mannequin service focuses on removing the appearance of the dummy’s hands. Overall, this service will make your t-shirts, dresses, blazers appear more realistic and focused. We want your buyer to focus on your product rather than the dummies.

Sleeves Joint Service Before Sleeves Joint Service After

Symmetrical Ghost mannequin Effect: Starts From - $4.99 per image

Sometimes, a photoshoot can mess up the way your dresses look. Your clothes and outfits may appear asymmetrical and unbalanced. With our professional symmetrical ghost mannequin service, we can make your dresses, outfits, turtleneck shirts, and any type of clothing look symmetrical and perfect.

Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin Effect Before Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin Effect After

Wrinkle Removal Service: Starts From - $2.99 per image

Are you looking for a cloth wrinkle removing service that can help you achieve a professional look for your photos? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the best photo editing services in the industry, and our team of experts is dedicated to helping you get the results you need. We understand that wrinkles can be a major distraction in photos, and we’re here to help you eliminate them. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Wrinkle Removal Service Before Wrinkle Removal Service After

Professional Neck Joint Service Pricing

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $200.00 US per 1 order.

30 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1200.00 US per 1 order.

Basic Ghost Mannequin Service

Basic Ghost Mannequin Before Basic Ghost Mannequin After

If you are starting a clothing line, our basic ghost mannequin editing service is perfect for you! We are offering the basic ghost mannequin services you need to run your business. In this service, you will get Basic Ghost Mannequin. Retouch Pilot is the only company offering these services at the most modest rate. If you are not sure if you need this service or not, you can consult with us free of any charge.

– US $2.5 (per photo)

Basic Ghost Mannequin Service Applied:

  • Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services
  • Neck Joint Service
  • Bottom Joint Service
  • Liquify Clothes
  • Wrinkle Removal Service

Benifit of This Service:

For those looking for a simple, professional ghost mannequin editing service, you’ve come to the right spot. A ghost mannequin can be quickly and easily removed or added to your product photos by our highly skilled editors. Online retailers in need of quick and easy creation of professional product images may find this service to be very useful. Because photo editing on your own can take a long time, we offer this service to help you save time and effort.

Standard Neck Joint Service

Standard Ghost Mannequin Before Standard Ghost Mannequin After

If you want your product photos to look professionally done, our standard neck joint service is the way to go. But, what makes this service better than the previous is we will apply one of our basic retouching edits to make your product appear better than ever. We will also make sure that your images are ready for use on any platform.

– US $3.5 (per photo)

Standard Neck Joint Service Applied:

  • Neck Joint Photo Editing Services
  • Neck Joint Service
  • Bottom Joint Service
  • Liquify Clothes
  • Wrinkle Removal Service
  • Basic Clothes Retouch

Benifit of This Service:

Medium neck joint service is a professional product photo editing service that can make your products look great in photos. The editors are highly skilled and can make quick work of your photos, ensuring that they look professional and ready for publication. The service is fast, affordable, and easy to use, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Advance Ghost Mannequin Service

Advance Ghost Mannequin Before Advance Ghost Mannequin After

A good product and model photo can make your images pop! Ready to take your product images to the ultra level? Worry not because Retouch Pilot is here. Our advanced ghost mannequin service is perfect for all types of photos. We are open to taking on any and every challenge. In addition, we will also apply advance ghost mannequin service to maximize the overall look of your images. This service is best for growing business.

– US $6.5 (per photo)

Advance Ghost Mannequin Service Applied:

  • Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services
  • Neck Joint Service
  • Bottom Joint Service
  • Liquify Clothes
  • Wrinkle Removal Service
  • Basic Clothes Retouch
  • Symmetrical Ghost mannequin Effect

Benifit of This Service:

The best way to make your online clothing store look its best is to use mannequin photo editing services. Using a ghost mannequin, you can create the illusion that your clothing is being displayed on a real person. This can increase sales by giving your customers a better idea of how the clothes will look when they are worn. The use of photo editing services with ghost mannequin mannequins can also help hide flaws in your clothing line.

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