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Our retouchers need just 24 hours to accept an order, discuss the details with a client, improve photos and send them back.


If you have any questions concerning the ordering process, prices, offered services and whatnot – you can contact our managers 24/7. 


We always follow current portrait retouching quality standards to deliver images of top quality. Our retouchers edit photos without losing quality.

We Are Best Clipping Path Service Provider:

Clipping Path service : Starts From - $0.49 per image

Whether you simply need to remove the background or get a pixel-perfect cut around your subject for advertising activities, our image clipping path service will suit you perfectly. It will be done in no time with an experienced editor manually making sure every edge is smooth or razor-sharp just the way you desire.

Clipping Path Before Clipping Path After

Shadow and reflections adding $3.5

Shadows are a must in photo editing. They make your subject look lifelike and give a realistic feeling. Your content will pop out of the image by patiently adding layers of shadows and experimenting. While overdoing it also does not look right. We will find the perfect lighting condition for your subject.

Shadow And Reflections Adding Before Shadow And Reflections Adding After

Complex Clipping Path: Starts From - $2.99 per image

As the name suggests, the complex photo clipping path is intricate, and that is due to the addition of empty space than the medium path. Our team will ensure that this is done perfectly in order to give you the perfect picture you deserve and want. Products images that fall under this category are Tree, bench, chain, furry doll, etc. (anything that has more than 10 gaps)

Complex Clipping Path Before Complex Clipping Path After

Color matching

Color matching is an important point of photo editing because it gives people a sense of emotion. On the other hand, no matter how great the design of an object is, if matching colors do not surround it, it is not pleasing to look at. We will give your image the perfect hue tint with a complimenting tone and shade to make your product stand out from the rest!

Color Matching Before Color Matching After

Color correction service

In case your photo has been taken in not so perfect conditions, the colors might be off from what you would like them to be, and for some sensitive people, that might as well be a make-or-break point. Whites must be looking bright and snowy, while the other colors must have their own unique pigment, just as they looked in real life.

Color Correction Service Before Color Correction Service After

Item colors changing

Get a different look without any extra photoshoots. It is hard to take a perfect image, but you can use it for all the color variations of your product when you do. To your heart’s extent, pick from endless tones of bright and stunning colors, so we may carefully recolor it without missing a mark. Giving your customers a different color to try on might change their idea about the whole product.

Item Colors Changing Before Item Colors Changing After

Medium Clipping Path: Starts From - $1.49 per image

The main key difference between medium and simple clipping paths is the addition of more holes in the product image, and it might have more complex curves. But, for our team, this is no challenge at all. After working on clipping paths for so long, they have perfected the craft and will ensure that the product’s end result will be just the way you envisioned it.

Medium Clipping Path Before Medium Clipping Path After

Simple Clipping Path: Starts From - $0.49 per image

The simple clipping path is done on square, straight, round, rectangular, and oval products. The main difference between simple and the normal clipping patch is the addition of a gap or hole inside the product in the image. Our team will ensure that the product looks professional as these are simple yet, if not done correctly, might not end up looking proper. Stop looking around and give us a try. We will not disappoint you.

Simple Clipping Path Before Simple Clipping Path After

Multiple Clipping Path Service: Starts From - $3.49 per image

This service goes more in-depth into the complicated clipping images. Hence, the subject to be clipped is of an advanced level. There are usually multiple objects in an image, each of a unique shape. Our team specializes in these tasks since they have years of experience in completing such projects and producing sophisticated images. You can trust that your products will be in good hands.

Multiple Clipping Path Service Before Multiple Clipping Path Service After

Super Complex Clipping Path: Starts From - $6.49 per image

Numerous routes and anchor points are visible in many photos. Using a sophisticated clipping path is exactly what you’ll see here. A super-complex clipping route can include a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, a gathering of people, a collection of food, or a collection of jewelry, for example. Because of the high complexity of the products, this method is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive to implement. For this job, Retouch Pilot is reliable. You can relax while we make super co

Super Complex Clipping Path Before Super Complex Clipping Path After

Professional Clipping Path Service Pricing

Basic Level

$ 0.49 USD/per image
  • Services Applied:
  • E-commerce:
  • Simple Items Background Removal
  • Backdrop Color Changing (Simple Objects)
  • Add the Borders
  • Resizing
  • Change File Format
  • Watermarks Adding
  • DPI Correction
  • Compression

Additional Services

$ 0.89 USD/per image
  • Services Applied:
  • Shadows/Reflection: Natural Shadows +1$
  • Drop Shadows +0.5$
  • Cast Shadows +0.5$
  • Reflection +1$
  • Recoloring Elements +2$
  • Remove Mannequin +1$
  • Ghost Mannequin +10$
  • Retouching: Basic Retouch +2.50$
  • Pro Retouch +6$
  • Extra Retouch+12$
  • Clipping Path/Masking: Background Removal (Medium Object) + 2$
  • Background Removal (Complex Object) + 5$

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $200.00 US per 1 order.

30 Off 1

Discount for all buld photo editing services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1200.00 US per 1 order.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Shoes Photography

Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Shoes Photography Before 1 Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Shoes Photography After 1

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your shoe images, you’ve come to the right place. Our company offers the highest quality photo enhancement services for boots and shoe images. With our product clipping path service, your shoe images will look fabulous on the listing’s pages, online pages, and order forms. Professionals at Retouch Pilot offer precise clipping path services and general product enhancements. Included in our package of services includes cutting and changing the color of a backdrop, compressing and rotating images, and adding shadows/reflections to the image borders, among others. It’s always worth checking our site’s “Examples” section to see the benefits of our photo clipping services. With our expert editing skills, we will make shoppers eager to buy your shoes.

Basic Level – US $1.5 (per photo)

Our Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Shoes Photography Provides:

  • E-commerce Editing – $2.50
  • Making white backdrop
  • Natural small shadows dropping – $1
  • Basic Retouch – $2.50

Benifit of This Service:

Professional photo editors understand how to use clipping paths to enhance the overall appearance of a shoe photograph. The first advantage of using clipping paths is that they can be used to remove unwanted background elements from photographs. This can be useful if there are distracting elements in the background or if the background is unappealing and clashes with the shoes. Another advantage of using clipping paths is that they can be used to enhance the lighting in a shoe photograph. Editors can use clipping paths to create better lighting effects if the lighting isn’t ideal.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Furniture Photography

Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Furniture Photography Before Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Furniture Photography After

To give your furniture photos a classic and clean look, photoshop is the best option to choose. No matter where these pictures are used on your website or in your product catalog, assured goods on the white background will significantly boost your sales. We’re fully committed to using only the best clipping path service around the world. We have carefully researched submissions to ensure our employees are qualified to provide our customers with the finest clipping path service possible. You are missing out on numerous opportunities if you are not using the latest clipping path services, so if you would like the latest methods for improving your furniture and would prefer to work with specialists who can get the job done, look no further than Retouch Pilot.

Additional Services – US $2.5 (per photo)

Our Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Furniture Photography Provides:

  • E-commerce Editing – $2.50
  • Clipping Path (Complex Object) – $4
  • Making white backdrop -$1.5
  • Basic Retouch – $2.50
  • Natural small shadows dropping – $1

Benifit of This Service:

There are many benefits to using clipping path Photoshop services for furniture photography. First, it ensures a professional look to your photos. This is important because it can help you sell more furniture, since buyers will be more likely to trust the quality of your products if they appear professionally photographed. Furthermore, clipping paths can help you save time in post-processing. By removing the need to individually select and mask every piece of furniture in a photo, you can spend more time on other aspects of your workflow. Finally, using a professional clipping path service can help you avoid mistakes that can ruin a photo.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Cosmetics Photography

Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Cosmetics Photography Before Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Cosmetics Photography After

A good cosmetic photo can make your sales go up! If you want to make your cosmetics photos luxurious and look expensive, the Retouch Pilot image clipping path service can assist you. Let us retouch your professional cosmetic product photography so it may be suitable for displaying online on your company website or elsewhere. The focus on your product will be maximized throughout the process. Our clipping path experts boast many years of expertise in this area, and we could handle projects of any scope. We have the ability to deal with the total clipping path requests you may have.

Additional Services – US $2.5 (per photo)

Our Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Cosmetics Photography Provide:

  • E-commerce Editing – $2.50
  • Background removal (Complex Object) -$5
  • Adding white background
  • Photo color correction
  • Adding Natural Shadows – $1
  • Product Retouching – $ 3

Benifit of This Service:

If you are in the business of selling furniture, it is important to have high quality, professional-looking photos of your products to use in your advertising and online sales efforts. And if you are not particularly skilled at taking good product photos yourself, you may want to consider outsourcing this aspect of your operation to a professional clipping path photoshop services provider. There are several reasons why using a professional clipping path service can be a wise decision when it comes to photographing furniture. First of all, these professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to get the best possible results from your images. They will be able to properly adjust lighting and composition in order to create an attractive, eye-catching photo that will help sell your furniture products.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Product Photography

Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Product Photography Before Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Product Photography After

This example shows a simple clipping route with no additional stages. This procedure is followed before listing your product images on Amazon or eBay. Please indicate the above-mentioned price breaks if you require this type of service for your website. We prefer DropBox as a storage alternative due to its quick ability to upload photographs from anywhere in the world. You can customize the Retouch Pilot system to your own advantage by importing and exporting your images. You can also utilize an unlimited number of file managers, provided you comprehend the terms of your license agreements or interplay plans for file beforehand. Retouch Pilot works hard to meet delivery deadlines. That enables retouching to be carried out in only 2 working days. We try to complete all our orders as soon as possible (except bulk orders). Our company takes pride in the speed of clipping path delivery.

Additional Services – US $1.5 (per photo)

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Product Photography Provide:

  • E-commerce Editing – $2.50
  • Background removing
  • Borders fixing
  • Color correction
  • Basic shoe retouch (Small Element cloning) – $2.50

Benifit of This Service:

Editors and professional photographers can attest to the benefits of Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Product Photography. The clipping path process is used to isolate an object from its background so that it can be placed on a different background. Catalogs, online stores, and other marketing materials frequently use this service. When done correctly, a clipping path can make an object appear to float in space, making a product stand out. Clipping path is a difficult process that should be performed by a professional. When clipping an image, many factors must be considered, such as the shape of the object, the color of the background, and how much detail must be removed.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Ecommerce Photography

Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Ecommerce Photography Before Clipping Path Photoshop Services For Ecommerce Photography After

All product photos submitted to Amazon or other online stores must meet the special technical specifications. A white background is the most critical requirement. Our clipping path service will eliminate all a hindrance product pictures need – ranging from snow-white backgrounds to product defects removal. In addition to the basic clipping path service that we provide, we also offer a comprehensive list of additional clipping path services. You may choose to receive clip paths that include multi-clipping paths, color correction, artistic retouching, etc. The main advantage is that you work directly with a talented retoucher whose goal is understanding your needs and advising the best ways to handle problems.

Additional Services – US $2 (per photo)

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Ecommerce Photography Provide:

  • E-commerce Editing – $2.50
  • Background removing
  • Borders fixing
  • Shoes retouching – $2.50
  • Defects removing
  • Natural Shadows adding – $1

Benifit of This Service:

The quality of your photography is critical when running an online store. Poor-quality images can make your site appear unprofessional and make customers hesitant to buy from you. Using clipping path Photoshop services is one way to ensure that your photos look great. Professional photo editors can assist you in removing unwanted elements from your images, resulting in cleaner, more polished images. They can also apply special effects and change the colors to match your branding. You can ensure that all of your eCommerce photography looks great and promotes sales by using clipping path services.

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    Find Answers to Common Questions

    If your photo contains complex or detailed backgrounds that need to be isolated from the subject for editing or compositing purposes, then you’ll likely need clipping paths. Conversely, if the background is simple and can easily be removed with a basic level of Photoshop editing, then you may not need a clipping path.

    It depends on the complexity of the clipping path. For a simple path, it can take as little as 5 minutes. For a more complex path, it can take up to an hour.

    When you’re ready to send your photo, you can use a file sharing service like Dropbox or WeTransfer, or you can email it to the clipping path service provider.

    Clipping path service is the process of removing the background from an image so that only the object remains. This can be helpful for e-commerce sites because it can make products look more professional and appealing to customers.

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