Complete EBay Image Size Requirements In 2023

Complete eBay Image Size Requirements in 2023

eBay image size requirements

eBay is one of the biggest online markets in the world. It lets sellers show off their goods to millions of people who might be interested in buying them. When it comes to selling on eBay, having high-quality pictures of your products is a key way to attract buyers and make more sales. 

But eBay has rules about the size of images that sellers must follow if they want to make sure their ads meet eBay’s standards. In this piece, we’ll go over all of eBay’s image size requirements for 2023 and give sellers tips on how to make their product pictures look their best.

eBay Image Size Requirements in 2023

1. Adhere To eBay Image Policy:

Ebay Image Size And Formet Policy
Adhere To Ebay Image Policy

It’s important to know eBay’s picture policy before getting into the technical requirements. eBay has very strict rules about what kinds of pictures can be used in ads. Sellers should make sure that their pictures follow the rules of the site, which include things like:

  • Images must be relevant to the item being sold.
  • Images should not include watermarks, borders, or promotional text.
  • Images should not contain explicit or offensive content.
  • Images should accurately represent the item’s condition, features, and color.
  • Images should not include additional accessories or props that are not included in the listing.

By following these policies, sellers can create a professional and trustworthy image presence on eBay.

2. Technical Requirements for eBay Images:

Technical Requirements For Ebay Image Size
Technical Requirements For Ebay Images

eBay also has technical rules about the size and format of product pictures that go along with the image policy. These rules make sure that the images show up properly on all devices and give the user a consistent experience. Let’s look at the technical needs for images on eBay:

3. Ideal eBay Photo Size:

Ideal Ebay Photo Size
Ideal Ebay Photo Size

The best size for an eBay picture is 1600 pixels long. This size makes sure that the images are big enough to show off the details of the object while keeping the file size small so that the page can load quickly. It is recommended that you use this site as a guideline for optimizing your product pictures.

4. eBay Product Photo Size:

Ebay Product Photo Size
Ebay Product Photo Size

The longest side of an eBay product picture should be at least 500 pixels long. But it’s better to use larger images, usually around 1600 pixels so that buyers can see them better. When you use high-resolution images, customers can zoom in and look closely at the product details. This builds buyer trust and could lead to more sales.

5. eBay Product Photo Format:

Ebay Product Photo Format
Ebay Product Photo Format

eBay lets you upload images in several different forms, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. But for product images, it is best to use the JPEG format because it strikes a good mix between image quality and file size. JPEG compression makes sure that the images are optimized for the web without losing too much detail.

6. Number of eBay Product Photos per Listing:

Number Of Product Photo Per Listing
Number O Ebay Product Photos Per Listing

eBay lets sellers add multiple pictures of their products to their listings. How many photos you can add depends on what type of seller you are. Most of the time, sellers can add up to 12 pictures for free. If they want to add more photos, they may have to pay a fee. Adding several high-quality photos from different angles that show product features or variations can help customers understand the product and make a choice much better.

7. eBay Store Photo Size:

Ebay Store Photo Size
Ebay Store Photo Size

If you have an eBay shop, you need to make sure that the images on your store pages are optimized. Photos in the eBay shop have to be a certain size so that they fit well with the store’s layout.

8. eBay Store Image Sizes:

Ebay Profile Photo Sizes 1
Ebay Profile Photo Sizes 1
  • Store Logo: The recommended size for the store logo is 300 x 300 pixels.
  • Store Header Image: The optimal size for the store header image is 1200 x 270 pixels.
  • Custom Pages Images: Custom pages within the eBay store can include images sized up to 1200 x 900 pixels.

9. eBay Profile Photo Sizes:

  • Standard Profile Picture: The recommended size for a standard profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Square Profile Picture: eBay also allows a square profile picture, with dimensions of 200 x 200 pixels.

10. eBay Profile Photo Format:

Ebay Profile Photo Format
Ebay Profile Photo Format

For eBay profile pictures, JPEG format is recommended, as it offers a good balance between image quality and file size. Remember to choose a profile picture that represents you professionally as a seller.


It’s important to make sure your eBay product images meet the platform’s size standards if you want to attract buyers and make more sales. By following eBay’s image policy and the technical rules in this piece, you can make sure that your product images are shown correctly and give your customers a great shopping experience.

Make sure your images are still current, have a high resolution, and are in the right format and size. Investing in eCommerce picture editing and clipping path services from a professional company can help you get the best results. You can improve your eBay ads, store pages, and profile by adding pictures that look good and are the right size. This will increase your chances of being successful as an eBay seller.


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